Skeye's Floating Archives - June, 21, 2019

On June 21st, 2019 Skeye’s Floating Archives is taking to the air and flying our largest projection-screen ever along the shoreline of Lake Ontario at Doug Fluhrer Park in Kingston.

Our five video artists, Aida Sulcs, Chantal Rousseau, Trevor Henderson, Josh Lyon and Don Maynard will be creating original video works for this performance. They will be taking their inspiration in part from the Modern Fuel’s video archive. Queens Film and Media Studies program and Cultural Studies program will be assisting the video artists in their research.

The Skeye band led by Hugh Box will create an original musical score that will accompany the videos. Claire Bouvier will perform on violin, Andy Pesz on drums, John Torres on guitar, Michelle Girourd, vocals and Hugh Box on keyboard.

Skeyes, Skye Archives is supported by the City of Kingston and the Canada Council.

CBC’s , The Exhibitionist did an arts documentary about this show - Link

Don Maynard