Flotilla - September 19, 2018

This event took place at 30 Island Lake, a small lake on the Canadian shield just north of Kingston. Musicians played on a raft in the middle of the lake, while four canoes tethered the screen floating above. The sound of the performance carried through the landscape in the early twilight as people sat on their docks or in boats, while videos of the Canadian landscape played on the screen in the night sky. 

Artists: Don Maynard, Chantal Rousseau

Musicians: Claire Bouvier, Andy Pesz, John Torres, Michelle Girouard

Video Documentation: Josh Lyon

Production managers: Tom Schneider, Jesse MacMillian, Dugan Maynard

Canoeists: Su,Mike,Owen Sheedy,Leann, Zoe Cunnigham,Lindsay,Scott Neilsen, Marney Mcdermot

Melanie Dugan