Skeye Projects is a continuing experiment in altering visual experiences and perceptions.

A unique visual and musical encounter: a huge floating screen supported by helium filled weather balloons flies overhead, the audience lies underneath looking up into the night sky while a live band plays in time with the images projected above. The screen is dynamic, gently billowing in the wind, the images shift along with its movement. Viewers have the opportunity to stand, sit, lie down, and move through the crowd, changing their perspective and experience of the event.

a soaring art experience

For centuries people from around the world have been finding their place in the world by looking at the night sky.

Our ancestors used stars to guide them, to help them journey across the land, seas, and ice to find their way to new places, and to return home. From the singular to the infinite we experience a sense of timelessness when we look to the stars — we are seeing light that was created eons before our existence. We, in turn, project our own light, our own stories, into someone else’s future. We propose using the night sky to project our stories.

Skeye projects is supported by the Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council, City of Kingston

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